The Virgin Whisperer

Late 20s, F — I have serious appearance issues. I don’t even take photos of myself and I am not attractive. I won’t ask because I fear rejection, especially based on my appearance.

21M — I feel like I’m just too boring and lacking in the emotions that can interest a girl in being friends. I’m scared that if they do try be friends they’ll realize how pathetic I am.

Age unspecified, F — I’m so tired of everything, I try to force myself to go out, party and all of that just to meet people but I always end up crying because [no one] has “sexual” interest in me.

21M — People in my life literally try to downplay sex and relationships but they will never know how you feel.

30M — I’m worried that I’m gonna be that weird old man in neighborhood that everyone makes fun of. I Feel less of man.

20M — People and family mocked me for being a virgin/not having a girlfriend from age 15 now to 20, telling me I’m not a man/have a defect.

35M — Life is short. It feels like you’re missing out on sex during your prime years.

40M — Age isn’t just a number at all. It is a measure of time and experience. It hurts because the older we get the more we need the things we missed when we were young.

37M — I already feel like enough of a freak and a joke. You don’t have to make me into a literal joke.



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